EVELYNíS SCHEDULE, 2012 - 2013

March-April, 2012

†† Crane Migration

The birds arrive in the afternoon (3:30 until dark. They often take

off around 9:30 AM.

Call 970-835-8391 for daily reports

Friday, March 16-18

†† Eckert Crane Days

On Friday (4:00 PM) Iíll have a crane discussion, Fireside Restaurant, Cedaredge Golf club

Saturday, May 12th 11:00 A.M.

Orchard City Town Hall

PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation


Wednesday, August 22

10:30 AM

PACE Center on Horizon Care Center Campus,

†† 11411 Hwy. 65, Eckert, CO.

PowerPoint: Dabblers and Divers

†† (Ducks and More)

Thursday, August 23

†† 1:30 PM

PACE Center on the Horizon Care Center Campus.

11411 Hwy. 65, Eckert. CO.

PowerPoint: Dabblers and Divers

†† (Ducks and More)

Wednesday, August 29

†† 1:30 PM

Horizon Care Center, Main Building

†† 11411 Hwy. 65, Eckert, CO

PowerPoint: Dabblers and Divers

†† (Ducks and More)

Flower/bird research of Grand Mesa. Continue work on Book 4:

My Blue Shadowed Mountains


March, 2013

PowerPoint presentation WHOOPERS at Monte Vista Festival.

Check here for details in December